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Sedation Dentistry

Can you really relax in the Dentist's Chair?

Many people are so afraid of the dentist that they would rather put up with pain than have any treatment. For these people, sedation can help to take away some of their anxiety and a visit to the hospital is not necessary, as it is done in the dental surgery. Conscious sedation dentistry uses drugs which allow you to stay awake, yet relaxed, during the procedure. An anaesthetist will be present to administer the drugs and to monitor you constantly. You won't feel any pain and you will be able to respond to your dentist's questions and commands. Conscious sedation is an excellent option for fearful dental patients. The patient remains conscious, retains protective reflexes, and is able to respond to verbal commands. The application of conscious sedation can greatly reduce the need for general anaesthesia and is also often an alternative when removing wisdom teeth.

Conscious Sedation for children

Young, uncooperative children needing extensive dental treatment can result in a very challenging, stressful and traumatic experience for both the patient and the dentist. For these children, conscious sedation or general anaesthesia are often recommended. Because of the risks and costs involved with general anaesthesia, conscious sedation is often the preferred choice.

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